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SerpSling OTO

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>>Try SerpSling Copy At 93% Off<<

>>Try SerpSling Bundle Deal (FE+ALL OTOs)<<

>>SerpSling OTO1: Agency Edition<<

>>SerpSling OTO2: Audit Edition<<

>>SerpSling OTO3: DFY Authority Edition<<

>>SerpSling OTO4: DFY Suite 5.0 Edition<<

What is SerpSling?

SerpSling is 3-in-1 web-app that allows you to find, analyze and track your keywords all under one dashboard. Plus you can reverse engineer all of your comeptitiors rankings with our URL analyzer feature.

SerpSling OTO- How Does It Work?

Step 1-Quickly And Easily Find Low-Competition Keywords That You Can Rank For On Google and/or YouTube

Step 2-Let Our App Tell You EXACTLY What You’ll Need To Do To Rank For The Keywords You’ve Found in Step #1

Once you find your potential keywords, you can click ONE button and get ALL the details you need to know EXACTLY what to do to rank for that keyword.

Step 3-Reverse Engineer Your Competitors And Expose Their ENTIRE SEO Strategy in ONE Click!

Step 4-Start Your Campaigns To Rank Higher And Get More Traffic With 1000% Confidence Knowing That You Have The MOST Accurate Data Available For Your Target Keywords!



>>Frond End : SerpSling($35)<<

1. Instantly Discover High-Traffic, Low-Competition Keywords That You Can Rank For Quickly To Get MORE Traffic From Google And YouTube on Demand!

2. EVERY Keyword Will Have it’s Own “Difficulty Score” so you INSTANTLY know which keywords are EASY and which are HARD to rank for making it effortless to make your decisions

3. Quickly find “people also search for” keywords which are some of the LOWEST hanging fruit you can target and get REALLY fast rankings with!

4. Let our app SUGGEST even MORE keywords to you with our built-in Keyword Suggestion Engine

5. Get a FULL Data Analysis of ANY keyword you’d like and know EXACTLY how easy or hard it’ll be to rank for, the search volume, the search trend, the average backlinks that would be needed to rank for it, and a FULL list of the top 10 organic and/or local rankings.

6. Analyze ANY Domain or ANY URL and know EXACTLY what keywords they’re ranking for, EXACTLY how many backlinks they have, the EXACT backlinks they have, the EXACT anchor text they have and MORE!

7. Get EVERYTHING You need To Rank High And Get MORE Free Traffic Under ONE Single Dashboard!

8. HUGE Bonus: Agency License INCLUDED So you Can Get More Ranking And More Traffic For Your Clients As Well!

9. HUGE BONUS Module: Unlock Our Built-In Affiliate Offer Finder to Quickly find offers you can promote for your SerpSling Keywords!


>>SerpSling OTO1: Agency Edition($97)<<

1. Upgrade #1 will be the option to lock the discounted rate of your chosen package. During the initial launch, we’re offering HUGE discounts on all our packages and we understand that many of you would like to ensure you keep that discount long-term. 

2. In upgrade #1, you’ll have the option to do so, plus you’ll be able to get DOUBLE credits AND unlock our exclusive Keyword Rank Tracker on this page as well as a HUGE bonus. The best part? you’ll just need to put down $1 to secure your discount.

>>SerpSling OTO2: Audit Edition ($37)<<

1. Upgrade #2 will be a special 2-part offer that will help you get even more traffic and rankings while minimizing the amount of work that you actually have to do.

2. On this page you’ll be able to unlock our Website Auditing Feature which is PERFECT for anyone who has an existing website (or a clients website) that is struggling to get better rankings.

3. Our Auditor will be able to take ANY url and tell you EXACTLY why they’re not ranking on page 1.

4. It’ll tell you ALL the issues like slow loading pages, bad optimization, broken links, etc etc so that you can quickly fix them and open the floodgates of free traffic to your sites.

5. The second part of this offer will be to unlock our Sub-User’s license. This will REALLY minimize your workload by allowing you to quickly outsource to a VA to handle your research for you. You’ll be able to secure up to 5 VA licenses at a huge discount!

6. You’ll be able to unlock BOTH of these features for a one-time payment of $37!

>>SerpSling OTO3: DFY Authority Edition ($47)<<

1. Upgrade/OTO 3 is going to be a very special offer for our DFY Authority app.

2. DFY Authority is our Done-For-You Web-Bot that Finds High-Value, Expired Domains That Are Available RIGHT NOW For $10 (or Less) That You Can start using right away to secure your page 1 rankings for your SerpSling keywords.

3. Leveraging the power of an authority, aged domain with your SerpSling keywords will give you a MASSIVE advantage over your competition. And DFY Authority will work for you EVERY day to find you amazing domains. This will be a one-time payment of $47.

>>SerpSling OTO4: DFY Suite 5.0 Edition($47)<<

1. Upgrade/OTO 4 is a special offer for DFY Suite. DFY Suite is our powerful platform where you will be able to take your syndication to the NEXT level and have us do ALL The work for you as well.

2. Combining PR Scribe with DFY Suite will make Sure Your niche sites SHOOT and STICK To The First Page For The LONG-TERM!.

3. Inside of DFY Suite we’ll build Web 2.0 links for you, Private Blog Network links for you, Wiki links for you, Have local citations built for you, Google Map Embeds for Local rankings, YouTube Embeds for fast video rankings and much much more!!

4. It’s the PERFECT fit so you can complete the ENTIRE Page 1 ranking circle without having to do ANY of the work yourself. Plus, you’ll be getting an INSANE discount for one of our MOST popular packages at a ONE-TIME payment of just $67

SerpSling OTO- Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SerpSling?

SerpSling is our 3-in-1 web-app that allows you to find, analyze and track your keywords all under one dashboard. Plus you can reverse engineer all of your comeptitiors rankings with our URL analyzer feature.

2. How do the credits work?

We’ve built SerpSling as a FLUID, Credit-Based System, which allows YOU to control how your credits are used. Below is a full breakdown of how many credits could be possibly used for each feature (**You control how many data results you want. So the more results you request, adjust the cost accordingly).

3. Are there tutorials videos included?

Yes, we provide you with all the tutorial videos you’d need to learn how to quickly use every feature in our app.

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SerpSling OTO-Conclusion

Hopefully, With My Honest Thoughts About SerpSling OTO, I Really Hope It Did Help You With Your Buying Decision.

I Understand The Decision Of take out $35 One-Time Price Is Not Simply Made But This Investment Is SerpSling And For A Sustainable Business.

And Your Investment Is Guaranteed Safely Thanks To 30 Days Refund Without Any Questions Asked.

Thank You So Much For Reading My SerpSling OTO.

This System Is Coming Out With Many Bonuses For The Early Bird in SerpSling OTO.

Take Your Action ASAP For The Best Deal

If You Buy From Our Site You Will Get Following BONUSES For FREE


>>Try SerpSling(Frond End) Copy At 93% Off<<

>>Try SerpSling Bundle Deal (FE+ALL OTOs)<<

>>SerpSling OTO1: Agency Edition<<

>>SerpSling OTO2: Audit Edition<<

>>SerpSling OTO3: DFY Authority Edition<<

>>SerpSling OTO4: DFY Suite 5.0 Edition<<

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