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Use Coupon “AUDIOADMIN30” or 30% off ALL items in the funnel!

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO1 (Pro Edition)

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO2 (Enterprise Edition)

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO3 (DFY Edition)

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO4 (Reseller Edition)

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO5 (IMX Edition)

What is ProfitAudio?

First Ever Software That Records A REAL AudioBook From Scratch Brand New “AudioGPT” Tech Turns Any Keyword Into Virtually Unlimited Unique AudioBooks You Can Self-Publish On Our “Audible Killer” Store With 1 Click!

ProfitAudio OTO- How Does ProfitAudio Work?

Get Entire Bestsellers Written, Recorded And Published To An Actual Live Store In Just 3 Simple Steps By Using New AudioGPT Tech

Step #1- Simply Insert Your Keyword Inside Our Stunning Software

(There is NOTHING for you to setup or configure – the new AudioGPT tech from OpenAI takes your keyword and turns it into full audiobooks with hours worth of content!)

Step #2- Watch As ProfitAudio Creates 100% Unique Audio Content For You Out Of Thin Air

(Packaged neatly as audiobooks, but also podcasts, voiceovers, translations, text-to-speech and movie dubbing!)

Step #3- Relax As ProfitAudio Publishes Your AudioBooks To Our Premium Store That Rivals Audible

(Everything done-for-you with AI from cover design, product pages, payment processing, delivery & support!)


Frond End: ProfitAudio($17)

1. New for August 2023: AudioGPT Tech records hours-long audiobooks with real human speech from 1 single keyword

2. Starting Pack Included: Get 10,000 pre-recorded audiobooks created by us with AI that you can sell from Day 1

3. Turn ANY written text into speech with human-quality & use for yourself or clients

4. Works in ANY Language: TRANSLATE any recording into over 75 different languages to tap into the foreign market using ChatGPT

5. Publish these AudioBooks to our traffic-fueled premium store that rivals Audible

6. We send you traffic AND handle payment processing, delivery & support

7. It works BEYOND just audiobooks: create unique human sounding audio for voiceovers, podcasts, “text-to-speech” or even movie dubbing

8. The ONLY “AudioGPT” software to output hours of voice content using real human voices

9. Built-in “syndicator” blasts your audiobooks to all the big platforms

10. Become the next best-selling “Audible Narrator & Author”

11. Get paid royalty shares from recording other people’s books

12. 100% Newbie Friendly 

13. COMMERCIAL LICENSE built in: sell voiceovers, translations & audiobook recording services on Fiverr or to local businesses 

14. No technical skills or experience needed

15. Zero monthly fees

>>ProfitAudio OTO1: Pro Edition($42)<<

1. Unlimited Everything 

2. Unlimited Webinars In Any Language

3. Dedicated Video Player 

4. Voiceover + VSL Script Creator 

5. Multiple Pro-Level Features 

6. Priority Processing At 4K Resolution 

7. Premium Support 

8. In-Depth Training

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO1 (Pro Edition)

>>ProfitAudio OTO2: Enterprise Edition($62)<<

1. Your Own Music Streaming Platform

2. Premium Video Player

3. Cloud-Based Storage

4. Deluxe Traffic Features

5. Auto-Backup & File Encryption

6. Premium Collaboration Features & Outsourcer’s License

7. In-Depth Training 

8. Full 1-on-1 Personal Support

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO2 (Enterprise Edition)

>>ProfitAudio OTO3: DFY Edition($39)<<

1. Quality Done-For-You Products To Promote – $997 Value!

2. In-Depth Affiliate Marketing Training – $397 Value!

3. 15x SEO-Optimized DFY Software Product Reviews – $197 Value!

4. 100% Newbie-Friendly Make Money Like The Gurus…

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO3 (DFY Edition)

>>ProfitAudio OTO4: Reseller Edition($197)<<

1. 100% Across The Funnel Commissions!

2. Marketing Pages INCLUDED!

3. Sales Videos INCLUDED!

4. Members Area INCLUDED!

5. 7-Figure Email Swipes INCLUDED!

6. 7 Figure FB/Instagram Messages INCLUDED!

7. Product Tech & Customer Support INCLUDED!

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO4 (Reseller Edition)

>>ProfitAudio OTO5: IMX Edition($97)<<

1. All Our Recent Best-Sellers!

2. Our Email Marketing System – Software & Training!

3. FREE White Label Software To Sell!

4. FREE 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions With 7-Figure Marketers! 

5. Video Marketing Software That WORKS, Including Video Creation, Protection, Distribution & Monetization!

6. Outsourcing Training On How To Run A Care-Free Business!

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO5 (IMX Edition)

ProfitAudio OTO- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ProfitAudio Cloud-Based?

Yes, ProfitAudio is 100% cloud based meaning you can use it from any computer or mobile device in the world!

2. Does ProfitAudio Cost A Monthly Fee?

When you act now, you’re getting one-time access to ProfitAudio without EVER having to pay a monthly fee 🙂

3. Are Others Having Results With ProfitAudio?

Yes – see the proof above.

4. Do I Need Any Tech Skills or Experience To Make This Work?

NO – ProfitAudio does all the work for you.

5. Will This Work In Any Niche?


6. Is Support & Training Included?

Absolutely. By purchasing today you can get instant access to the training portal and the 24/7 support desk.

Support Link

ProfitAudio OTO-Conclusion

Hopefully, With My Honest Thoughts About ProfitAudio OTO, I Really Hope It Did Help You With Your Buying Decision.

I Understand The Decision Of Taking Out $17 One-Time Price Is Not Simply Made But This Investment Is Profitable And For A Sustainable Business.

And Your Investment Is Guaranteed Safely Thanks To 30 Days Refund Without Any Questions Asked.

Thank You So Much For Reading My ProfitAudio OTO.

This System Is Coming Out With Many Bonuses For The Early Bird in ProfitAudio OTO.

Take Your Action ASAP For The Best Deal.

If You Buy From Our Site You Will Get Following BONUSES For FREE


Feel Free To Use Any 5 Of The Semi-Exclusive Bonuses Listed Below For Your ProfitTurbo

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus #1- WebbyApp

WebbyApp turns any WP site into a fully-fledged mobile app (iOS & Android)

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus #2-UltraVid

UltraVid creates 1-click video sites complete with monetization.

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus #3-VidPix

VidPix lets you place buy buttons, optin forms and even videos on top of your images.

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus# 4-Video Strike 

Video Strike is a powerful desktop app that creates incredible presentations for your videos & webinars.

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus #5-Logo Studio

Logo Studio creates amazing logos with the push of a button from hundreds of high-quality templates.

IMP Instruction: Install Adobe air runtime before using this app

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus# 6-VidConnect

VidConnect curates & monetizes videos on Autopilot so you always have fresh, high converting and easy to rank content on your sites.

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus # 7-Link Supremacy

Link Supremacy provides the perfect balance of backlinks to skyrocket straight to #1 in Google in less than 7 days.

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus# 8-FB VidMatic

FB VidMatic creates entire fully monetized sites out of Facebook newsfeeds!

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus# 9-VidLock

VidLock is a premium WP plugin that lets you capture leads and make more sales by “locking” your videos until visitors perform a certain action.

ProfitTurbo OTO Bonus# 10-Vid Promo 

Vid Promo Pages is a premium page builder that comes with tens of ready-made templates of our highest-converting sales pages.

Use Coupon “AUDIOADMIN30” or 30% off ALL items in the funnel!

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO1 (Pro Edition)

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO2 (Enterprise Edition)

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO3 (DFY Edition)

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO4 (Reseller Edition)

=>Access ProfitAudio OTO5 (IMX Edition)

How To Claim Bonuses?

Just Send Us Your Purchase Receipt At Support@Otosinfo.Com

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