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ContentGenie OTO
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What is ContentGenie?

ContentGenie is the Content Creation & Social Media Management
Platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to Create, Publish and Manage Contents Across Multiple Social Media Platforms & Blogs.

ContentGenie OTO Link- How Does ContentGenie Work?

ContentGenie works in 3 Simple steps:

1: Choose Content Type: Choose between creating a Social Media or Blog Post Content. Whether you’re curating a captivating Instagram Post or thought-provoking blog article, ContentGenie empowers you to tailor your content creation experience to suit your objectives.

2: Customize & Preview: Use the Built-in Editor to Customize your

Content, add Graphics, Videos and other engaging visuals, while previewing to ensure it fits perfectly.

After Customizing, Select the Social Media or Blog Profile(s) you want to Publish to.

3: Publish: Publish your Content instantly to your preferred social media

platforms or WordPress blog accounts. You can also schedule the posts for later, ensuring your content reaches your audience precisely when it matters most.



>>Frond End : ContentGenie ($47)<<

1. Social Content Assistant: Craft compelling captions effortlessly for
your social media profiles using simple keywords or phrases. Our tool ensures engagement with relevant emojis and impeccable grammar, making your posts stand out without the hassle.

2. Long Form Blog Content Assistant: Generate traffic-pulling, long-form content tailored for Medium and WordPress blogs. Our assistant delivers complete articles with relevant paragraphs and
well-organized sections, saving you time while maintaining quality.

3. Customize Posts for Each Social Network: Every social network is
different, so your posts should be formatted differently. Why?
Instagram caption has a max of about 450 words, while LinkedIn
supports longer content for example. ContentGenie allows you to customize the Content specifically for each Social Media Platform, in
the same post.

4. Real-Time Post Preview: Our Preview Posts feature allows you to
spot and correct any error before Publishing or Scheduling. Check
image sizes to confirm they fit perfectly, View how your content will look on both mobile and desktop, and Double-check the correct placement of hashtags.

5. Blog Post Editor: Tailor your blog and Medium posts precisely with
our custom editor. Add images, videos, adjust text, background color, featured images, and more to ensure your content looks polished and professional.

6. Social Media Post Editor: Customize your social media posts
seamlessly with our dedicated editor. Add emojis, adjust text, and
fine-tune every detail to create eye-catching and shareable content across various platforms.

7. Social Media Publisher: Effortlessly publish content across all your
social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,
YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest, streamlining your content distribution process.

8. Blog/Medium Publisher: Publish your content directly to WordPress blogs and Medium, ensuring your articles reach your audience on these popular platforms effortlessly.

9. Content Planner: Plan and schedule your social media and blog
content efficiently for the next 3 years. Organize your content goals
with a detailed planner calendar, offering day-to-day, monthly, and
yearly views.

10. Deep Analytics Engine: Stay informed with detailed statistics on your blog posts and social media content, including impressions,
comments, likes, shares, and more. Analyze the performance of your content effortlessly. Generate and Download Analysis Report for your clients.

11. Hashtag Generator: Enhance your social media posts with trending
hashtags using our generator. Optimize your content for greater
visibility and engagement across various platforms.


>>ContentGenie OTO1: Unlimited Edition($97/Y)<<

1. UNLIMITED AI Generated Words

2. UNLIMITED Article & Video Discovery

3. Publish to UNLIMITED Social Media Accounts

4. Publish your content to UNLIMITED Websites

5. UNLIMITED Content Planner/Scheduler

6. UNLIMITED Job Search & Clients Finder

7. UNLIMITED Viral Quotes Finder

8. UNLOCK the Premium Content Designer Tool

>>ContentGenie OTO2: Pro Edition ($97)<<

Get Access to 6 Additional AI Powered Tools that will help you create and manage High Quality Content.

1. P.A.S Sales Copy Creator: Whether you’re selling a product or service, Use Simple Keywords to Create Long form Sales Copy using the proven Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) framework.

2. A.I.D.A Sales Copy Creator: In the dynamic landscape of marketing, capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention is a constant challenge. The AIDA Sales Copy Creator in ContentGenie is your solution, helping you craft a sales copy that follows the
Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) model.

3. Content Paraphraser & Plagiarism Checker: This is your go-to tool for transforming existing content into a unique masterpiece, blending originality with enhanced language and style.

4. Email Swipe Writer: This Tool uses Artificial Intelligence to write quality Email swipes and Email Subject Titles for all your marketing Needs.

5. Content Grammar & Punctuation Checker: Whether you’re crafting an important business document, academic paper, or engaging blog post, this tool serves as your virtual proofreader, guaranteeing that your writing reflects professionalism and competence.

6. AI-Powered Content Summarizer: This Tool instantly condenses lengthy content to its core key points, providing users with a time-efficient solution for information consumption and comprehension.

>> ContentGenie OTO3: Consultancy Edition ($67)<<

Let Us Set-Up Your ‘Ready To Profit’ Copywriting Agency Without
ANY Work From You

“100% Done-For-You” Client Attraction Marketing Kit Included

1. Unlimited Workspaces

2. Client/Team Members’ Access

3. Professional Content Creation Agency Website

4. High Converting Powerpoint & Keynote Presentation

5. Commercial Graphics Pack (Brochures, Web Banners,
Facebook Ad Images, Business Cards, Letterhead, Receipt etc)

6. Done For You Facebook Ads Creative

7. Attorney Drawn Contract Agreement

8. Pimped To Sell Telemarketing Script

>>ContentGenie OTO4: Reseller Edition($197)<<

This upsell enables users to RESELL ContentGenie and KEEP 100%
of the profit.
Very Easy way to profit, selling the World’s Fastest Content Creation
& Social Media Management App.

1. 50 Reseller Account Creation

2. Custom Reseller Dashboard

3. Instant Account Creation

4. Done for you marketing assets (sales page, ads, email swipes,

5. Commercial Graphics Pack (Brochures, Web Banners,
Facebook Ad Images, Business Cards, Letterhead, Receipt etc)

6. Done For You Facebook Ads Creative

7. Customer Support for Life via Live chat and Email
… and many more!

ContentGenie OTO- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to install ContentGenie 2.0? 

No. ContentGenie is fully cloud-based and can be accessed from any web browser.

2. Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. If you don’t get along with ContentGenie for any reason during the first 14 days after purchase, just contact us for a full refund. However, in the unlikely event that you have any problems, we encourage you to contact us first and give us a chance to help you resolve any issues.

3. What is a Profile?

A Profile is an actual Facebook page or group, LinkedIn Page or Profile, Instagram Account, WordPress Blog Account etc. profile,

Currently, ContentGenie supports: Facebook pages and groups, Instagram business profiles, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn company pages, Reddit accounts, YouTube channels, Medium Account and WordPress Blog Accounts.

4. How does the Support work?

You can always get help right from your dashboard by using Chat button at the Bottom Right Corner.

Our fanatical support team will make every effort possible to help you.

You can also reach the Support Team via Email (

5. Is ContentGenie 2.0 compatible with PC and MAC?

Yes. We’ve tested it on both systems and it works great. In fact, ContentGenie works in virtually any web browser, making it compatible with almost any machine.

6. Are there any hidden fees?

NONE! The price quoted on this page is all you have to pay. No bait and switch here.

Support Link

ContentGenie OTO-Conclusion

Hopefully, With My Honest Thoughts About ContentGenie OTO, I Really Hope It Did Help You With Your Buying Decision.

I Understand The Decision Of take out $47 One-Time Price Is Not Simply Made But This Investment Is ContentGenie And For A Sustainable Business.

And Your Investment Is Guaranteed Safely Thanks To 30 Days Refund Without Any Questions Asked.

Thank You So Much For Reading My ContentGenie OTO.

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>>Try ContentGenie (Frond End) Copy At 93% Off<<

>>Try ContentGenie Bundle Deal (FE+ALL OTOs)<<

>>ContentGenie OTO1: Unlimited Edition<<

>>ContentGenie OTO2: Pro Edition<<

>>ContentGenie OTO3: Consultancy Edition<<

>>ContentGenie OTO4: Reseller Edition<<

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